THIS is the moment dozens of excited primary school children were left disappointed after a regular c2c commuter train passed in front of the eagerly awaited Mayflower steam train.

More than a hundred students from St George’s Primary School, in Shoebury, had been given special permission to watch the prestigious steam train pass through the town yesterday morning.


Emerging - the Mayflower emerging from the tunnel


D'oh! - the wonderful view of the c2c train

Parent Katie Hazlewood, 35, from Thorpe Bay, went down with her child to join the bustling crowd as they waited for the historic locomotive.

The mum-of-two said: “We were stood in the car park of Shoebury Park as the train line passes by the top of it there.

“The school had sent a note to parents saying that any children who wanted to watch it, could just come along to school afterwards which was lovely so most of the school was there.”

As the train could be heard approaching through the tunnel, the group of excited spectators began cheering for the Mayflower’s appearance which was sadly to be short-lived.

Katie added: “The steam train was making so much noise and we were all cheering, we really didn’t notice the c2c train coming in the opposite direction.

“Just as the steam train appeared from the tunnel, the c2c train shot in front of the steam train right in front of us. There were a lot of disappointed kids but I think looking back now, we can all see the funny side.”

The comically disappointing moment was caught on camera.

The Mayflower locomotive, a B1 class locomotive built in 1948, makes regular trips through Southend.

Owned by The Steam Dreams Rail Company, passengers can ride the train to various destinations in the UK. Yesterday’s journey was from Southend East to Winchester, passing through Leigh, Pitsea and Laindon and keen trainspotters and photographers gathered to capture its journey.

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