A HUNT has been launched to find the owner of a goat which was found wandering through the middle of a town centre.

The RSPCA is desperately searching for anyone who knows anything about the stray, which was spotted having a Sunday night stroll along the notoriously busy Coggeshall Road in Braintree.

The goat, which has now been nicknamed Cogges, was rescued by a resident who managed to usher it away from the road and keep it safe before RSPCA officers arrived.

It was then taken to a nearby veterinary centre where it received specialist treatment.

Animal collection officer Rebecca Yarrow said: "The poor goat was obviously very confused and lost, he was wandering along a busy road so could have easily been hurt or caused an accident.

"Luckily, a kind local was able to usher him into a shed and confine him until I could get there. I’m sure they helped to keep him safe and avoid an accident.

"The goat doesn’t have an ear tag or any sort of identification so it’s not clear where he’s come from. He may be a pet or from a local smallholding so I’d urge anyone who’s missing a goat to contact us."

Cogges will remain with the vets for a few more days to allow as much time as possible for his owner to come forward to collect him.

The RSPCA say the goat has been added to PetsLocated - a website which advertises lost or abandoned pets.

If no one comes forward to collect Cogges, he will be moved on to one of the charity's rehoming centres where he will be put up for adoption.

Anyone with information about the goat, who was found on July 14, should contact the RSPCA on 0300 123 8018.

To find out more about the RSPCA's work, visit rspca.org.uk.