ESSEX Police have released a transcript of the chilling 999 call made by killer Michael Strudwick in the minutes after he shot her in the face.

The call lasted less than a minute.

Operator: Ambulance emergency. Is the patient breathing?

Strudwick: Nope, she’s dead. I’m breathing but she’s dead.

Operator: Can you tell me what’s happened please?

Strudwick: What?

Operator: Tell me exactly what’s happened.

Strudwick: Gunshots.

Operator: Sorry?

Strudwick: Gunshots. I tried. I killed her and I tried to kill myself and failed.

Operator: What town are you in?

Strudwick: Err Southend…I will be…I will be here standing here waiting for you. It’s my responsibility I’ve done wrong.

Michael Strudwick was, today, jailed for life and must serve a minimum of 26 years and 25 days in prison after admitting shooting his girlfriend in the face.

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