HUNDREDS of pounds have been raised in a matter of hours to support a group campaigning to stop the overdevelopment in Rochford.

A Go Fund Me page was set up over the weekend to fund the expenses to fight against the developers in the town, and over £200 has been raised so far.

The Rochford Supporters Group, set up by Melanie English, is working with volunteers to distribute leaflets to residents informing them of the "aggressive building" in the town.

On the fundraising page, Melanie said: "The area is already overpopulated, the schools are full to bursting, the GP surgeries cannot cope with the amount of patients, the roads are gridlocked.

"Yet developers still want to build more and more new properties.

"The proposed development is on Oxford Road and Ashingdon Road, roads that are so gridlocked it is nose to tail every day, the developers want to build 660 more homes which would have to be used by the new residents.

"There are already grave concerns for emergency service access on today's level of traffic, this new build would increase vehicles by a minimum of 1330 vehicles a day.

"The Rochford Supporters are fighting to protect the environment, the wildlife, the children and the population from overcrowding.

"We must stand up against such aggressive building."