A ONE-DAY-OLD baby died following “serious failings” in the care provided by Basildon Hospital, an inquest ruled.

Essex Senior Coroner Caroline Beasley-Murray said medical neglect played a part in the tragic death of Ennis Pecaku, as she recorded a narrative verdict at Essex Coroner’s Court yesterday.

His parents Edmir Pecaku and Emma-Louise Davies, in a statement following the hearing, said: “We are pleased over the conclusion of the coroner, and that the series of failings identified of providing basic medical care to Louise and baby Ennis amounted to neglect.

“While the hospital may have made changes, nothing will ever change the outcome for our family, and the devastating loss of our son.”

Mrs Beasley-Murray, in her narrative verdict, said: “In the later stages of pregnancy, baby Ennis was in the breech position, and on September 17 an attempted external cephalic version to move him was unsuccessful.

“On September 26 baby Ennis’ mother attended Basildon Hospital for a caesarean section, but this was postponed until October 2, and his mother was sent home.

“On September 27, Ennis’ mother attended the hospital after a spontaneous rupture of membranes.

“Baby Ennis was delivered by breech delivery at 7.39pm.

“He very sadly died at 2am the next morning.

“There were serious failings in the care provided to baby Ennis and his mother by Basildon Hospital.

“More timely intervention would have probably resulted in a better outcome.

“Baby Ennis would have probably survived had he been born before 7.16pm.

“His death was contributed to by neglect.”

The inquest heard Ennis was unable to breath for 25 minutes before the birth which left him with severe brain damage leaving his parents with a heartbreaking decision.

During the inquest his mother told the court: “We were told Ennis should be allowed to die, because his brain injury was so bad he wouldn’t be able to walk or talk.

“We decided in the end it was the best thing for him.”

Mrs Beasley-Murray described the case as “very sad” but stated she was pleased to hear from hospital representatives that steps had been taken to improve their care in the future.

She said the improvements to care had been detailed to her through evidence given by hospital representatives.

Hospital's response 

Basildon Hospital has apologised for the failings and neglect which contributed to the death of one-day-old Ennis.

Diane Sarkar, chief nursing officer for the Mid and South Essex University Hospitals Group, said: “We once again offer our sincerest condolences to baby Ennis’s parents and extend our deepest sympathies at this very difficult time.

“We recognise that the care provided at that time was not of the standard we would expect.

“We have already made a number of improvements in areas identified by the coroner and will continue to work hard to provide the highest possible standard of care.

“We will ensure we learn every possible lesson from this tragic event.”

Failings included the delays in the scheduled c-section, the speed and reaction after the waters broke and the level of care provided to the family.

It is not yet known if the family plan to take any further action against the hospital.