IT was set to be an erotic, intergalactic and certainly unusual evening full of thrills and excitement – the likes of which I doubt to experience ever again.

And Richard O’Brien’s Rocky Horror Show, at the Cliffs Pavilion, Westcliff, did not disappoint.

The show burst into the theatre with everything and so much more. We all sat with huge anticipation as the curtain lifted on the classic gender bending musical.

I was well prepared to sing my heart out – whether my fellow audience members wanted it or not. And I of course did – fully out of tune, but loving every, single second of it.

The show is not for the faint hearted and comes with all the cross-dressing and fun that has come to be expected. The audience members were on top form and arrived in their best corsets, high heels and outfits based on their favourite characters.

A gang of fans in the very front row were prepared to shout to in between the actor’s lines, with some incredible timing – and hilarious outbursts, the likes of which sadly we cannot print. But I’ll let you fill in the blanks.

As the first act developed, we were all waiting, excited for the great crossing-dressing main man of the evening. And he did not disappoint – in any area. Stephen Webb is stunning as Frank N Furter. And still strangely attractive in the full regalia.

There are far too many people to mention in an article – unfortunately. Strictly’s Joanna Clifton is a convincing, innocent and amusing Janet and James Darch presents a shy, very handsome young Brad. And of course, not forgetting – one of the main attractions – Rocky, is played by Callum Evans. Firstly, his physic is more than impressive – but his acrobatics are outstanding.

The choreography, staging and whole production is out of this world, with the audience on their feed demanding an encore of two, yes two, more songs.

by Matt Critchell