A MEMBER of the young Essex assembly, who represents Basildon, is helping to write a report to Government on how to stop knife crime in the UK.

Rachel Ojo, 16, who was elected to the UK youth parliament in April as chair of the youth select committee, said: "Knife crime is an issue that I am deeply passionate about.

"I know that this was the most popular issue among young people in Essex from a nationwide UK Youth Parliament consultation." "To be elected as the chair of the UK youth select committee focussing on knife crime, is an amazing opportunity for me.

"I have been chairing oral evidence sessions in Parliament and will be helping to formulate a report of recommendations to the government in how they should tackle knife crime.

“I am proud to be representing the voice of Essex on a national stage."

Rachel's previous work includes chairing the Basildon borough youth council and co-chairing the Basildon youth strategy group.

She has led projects on mental health and helped restructure personal, health, and education (PSHE) curriculums across Basildon.

The report on how to stop knife crime will go directly to John Bercow MP, the speaker of the House of Commons, before being passed to the government.