A SENIOR politician wants a giant Brexit Day celebration... paid for by taxpayers.

Kerry Smith, deputy leader of Basildon Council, made the request despite his leader, Gavin Callaghan, claiming “Brexit and national politics has no place in the council chamber”.

Mr Smith claimed because Basildon voted for Brexit it would only be right to have a massive celebration when it all happens.

He said: “We’ve had a change in Prime Minister who believes in Brexit, unfortunately he is stuck with a Parliament who is against Brexit.

“I would like at the September meeting, subject to what Parliament does or doesn’t do and how many different languages Boris can tell our friends across the continent to do one, some sort of celebration for Brexit day.

“We should celebrate becoming a sovereign nation after four decades of being told what to do from across the channel.”

However leader Mr Callaghan said: “Basildon Labour is clear that Brexit and national politics has no place in the council chamber.

“We see our European allies as a key part of the future for Basildon’s businesses as we develop new trading arrangements post October 31.

“That is why we have written to the Prime Minister to ensure Basildon can maximise any and all opportunities that Brexit brings.

“We look forward to working with Europe as part of Global Basildon.”

A controlling alliance currently exists between Labour and the independent councillors, including Mr Smith.

Meanwhile, senior Labour figures have refused to comment on repeated claims by Mr Smith that the EU are “just as bad as the Nazis”.

Tory councillors have called on Mr Smith to resign over the issue. Councillor Kevin Blake, deputy leader of the Tory group, said: “We’re holding talks as quickly as possible to discuss what our options are.

“I fully endorse the calls for him to resign.

“His comments were simply outrageous.

“He’s got away with too much now.”