ROADWORKS and inconsiderate High Street parking has left Wickford with “major traffic problems”.

Wickford High Street was gridlocked on Saturday for hours, as drivers tried to navigate through but were blocked by cars parked on both sides.

Due to roadworks at the Golden Jubilee Way roundabout, the bypass around the town, traffic is funnelled through High Street and surrounding residential streets.

Councillor Don Morris said: “The roadworks mean that residents are avoiding the bypass and coming into High Street.

“Coupled with people ignoring the yellow lines, it causes issues which we saw on Saturday. 

“I was travelling through there myself.

“It was chaos.

“Normally people don’t drive through the town but the roadworks mean that they are.

“I don’t think the roadworks will even work. 

“They’re going to reportedly improve the traffic flow.

“Thankfully they look like they’re going to be done soon.

“Residents are parking on the yellow lines.

“I’ve repeatedly complained to the parking partnership about this.

“New camera vehicles will be driving around to catch people doing it.”

Councillor Eunice Brockman added: “People pull up and use the excuse that they won’t be long in the shops.

“They don’t realise the implications it has on others. It’s not fair.

“People parking on the yellow lines add to the problem of the roadworks.

“They aren’t enough traffic wardens down there to punish them. There are plenty of car parks nearby and they’re free.”

Cars are not allowed to park on the road between 8am and 6.30pm.

A spokesman for the South Essex Parking Partnership said: “Sepp are aware of parking contraventions within Wickford High Street and provide daily patrols to try to reduce this.

The yellow lines and signs are very clear but sometimes they are unfortunately ignored, which causes problems for other road users and pedestrians.”