NO ipads, game consoles or phones to be found here.

These vintage pics show how youngsters used to make their own fun outdoors before the days of gadgets.

Echo: Echo: Echo:

All the photos come from the first half of the 1920's and have recently been found in our archives. They show children at play in parks, on the beach and around the town of Southend.

Among them is a group of youngsters racing their model boats on the lake at Southchurch Park.

Another shows youngsters building sandcastles on the seafront while dressed in their Sunday best. One shows children laying down a mile of pennies on the streets for charity.

Nature certainly played a big part in finding fun back then. One interesting image shows a big group of boys clambering with excitement as a swarm of bees nesting in a tree is pointed out to them while another is of two proud boys holding the grass snake they have found.