The owners of a coffee shop told to tear down its Vegas-style shopfront say they have made a list of other similar signs in the borough which have been approved in a bid to save their “lovely” logo.

Queenies’ owners have, though, said they are willing to compromise on the issue after Basildon Council’s planning committee unanimously agreed the owners of the Billericay coffee shop had installed an “inappropriate” sign.

The committee found the neon sign is against strict guidelines aimed at preserving the historic nature of the town.

A spokesman for Queenies said: “We have made an offer to make an application to resolve the issue to try to persuade officers that our sign should be acceptable and we made lengthy written representation to the council showing other examples of signs within the borough and elsewhere that are similar to our lovely sign, that have been approved.

“We have reached out to Conservative councillor Andrew Schrader, unfortunately with no response, and would like to do that again.

“We know he supports local businesses and hope that he can get behind us and support us going forward.

“We want to work with councillor Schrader and officers and to put in place a sign that everyone is happy with.

“We ask him to come and meet our friendly staff here at Queenies, to have a chat and a cup of tea or coffee with us.”

Mr Schrader said during a planning meeting on Tuesday the sign is “inappropriate” and that the existence of the Billericay conservation guide, as well as a shopfront design guide means the issue is not a matter of taste but “objective and measurable”.

Mr Schrader, who represents Billericay East, added: “I had assumed officers were in conversation with Queenies and was surprised that it had to go to enforcement action but the reasons why were very clearly outlined at the planning meeting.“I support the officers in upholding planning laws and would be happy to meet with the owner to discuss the situation but the legal position is the legal position.”

The councillor maintains that the sign not only goes against conservation guidelines but is also illegal because it was put up without planning permission.

He added: “There may be some halfway house where Queenies can retain the spirit of their branding and have it be more sympathetic to the surrounding area, but all of this could have been handled if they had submitted a planning application and gone through the process like everyone.

“I am sympathetic but at the end of the day we have to apply the law fairly and equitably.”

The owners of Queenies have confirmed they now plan to submit a planning application for the sign.