RESIDENTS say they have reached breaking point as yobs continue to cause chaos in Hadleigh.

In the latest incident, in Morrisons on Monday, a group of five boys were seen riding in and out of the store’s cafe.

It has sparked fresh calls for urgent action.

The boys were reportedly shouting at staff as they rode in and out of the cafe and store entrance, at about 8pm on Monday evening.

This comes after the Echo reported last week that 20 yobs on bikes had swarmed a park in Thundersley.

Sarah Grivins, 34, who works at the store and lives nearby, described the incident in the store.

She said: “I heard shouting and swearing in the dining area.

“I asked them to leave but they just stared at me and laughed.

“Four boys left to go around the rest of the store but one stayed and refused to move.

“They were running around the shop with their bikes blocking the entrance.

“They were telling staff that they would punch them in the face.”

Ms Grivins told the Echo incidents like this have been happening across the town for some time.

She added: “I’ve encountered a lot of problems with the youth in Hadleigh in the last few months.

“They’ve been smoking weed in the car parks late at night, and doing wheelies towards traffic.

“When I was younger I wouldn’t have dreamed of disrespecting someone like this.

“They need to be taught by parents and schools that this behaviour can’t continue.”

“This youth is our future and something has to be done.

“The response from the Hadleigh community has been amazing.

“It’s a shame that anti-social behaviour is trying to bring our town down, but its great the community is coming together to help stop it.”

Bill Sharp, councillor for St James ward, said: “It’s not every child on a bike that does this.

“They are not all villains. A small minority ruin it for everyone else.”

He added: “I’m aware that police have identified who is causing the trouble and are speaking to them.

“They are trying really hard to calm them down.

“It’s really disappointing that it’s got to this stage.

“Parents need to keep a close eye on their kids as they can get involved in gangs without them knowing.”

Anyone with information on this incident, or any antisocial behaviour in Hadleigh, should call Essex Police on 101.