FURIOUS campaigners are demanding extra patrols, CCTV and more work by the council after the latest in a series of flytipping incidents.

The call has come after flytippers dumped a huge pile of waste outside St Margaret’s Church, in Church Road, Bowers Gifford.

Furious residents say they are campaigning for the extra measures in the town and feel like Basildon Council forgets their community.

Karen Watts, 60, from Bowers Gifford said: “Well I think it’s disgusting.

“In the last two or three weeks it’s been horrendous with various incidents of huge piles of waste.

“They are dumping outside the church regularly, outside Basildon and District Crematorium in Church Road, in Pound Lane, which is a busy road and other unmade


“I think Basildon Council is struggling to keep on top of it.

“I believe CCTV will help catch these people and must be cheaper than the amount the council has to pay to clear it all up.”

Bernard Manningtree, 70, of Highlands Road, Bowers Gifford said: “The council is not doing enough and residents are so angry about it.

“We are all paying our council tax so want to know what is being done with it.

“We want to see extra patrols in the quieter and unmade roads to help stop this.”

He added: “We shouldn’t have to put up with this, perhaps we should get a petition together to get the CCTV and patrols.

“These scumbags are ruining our community and we simply will not stand for it.

“We need the council to step up to the plate and deal with this.

“The latest incident near the church was dreadful and is ruining the lovely church and it’s grounds.

“Not only are these people blocking our roads and public areas but it’s also very dangerous.”