NEW bollards have been installed at a car park to stop nuisance boy racers making the lives of residents an ongoing misery.

Basildon Council has spent £2,000 putting the protection around the Radford Crescent Car Park in Billericay, in an effort to combat anti-social behaviour in the area.

The new barriers will be retractable and will move into the ground during car park operating hours to allow commuters and town visitors to use the site freely.

They came into operation at the weekend.

Councillors and community leaders have welcomed the extra security measure.

Jim Devlin, chairman of Billericay Town Council, said: “There have been people gathering there in their cars and playing loud music and disturbing residents who are quite upset about what’s been going on there.

“They are sort of like boy racers who are gathering there.

“I am thrilled that the issue has been sorted for the residents, and they will feel relieved.

“These people have been making the lives of our residents a misery.

“I say hats off to Basildon Council for getting these new barriers installed.

“It’s been going on for some time but I understand these things take time to sort out.”

The barriers restrict access to the car park outside of normal operating hours, but will not affect access for season ticket holders or pay-and-display customers using the car park during the day.

The car park entrance barrier will close when the car park closes, however customers will still be able to exit the car park.

David Dadds, Tory councillor for Billericay East said: “We’ve been listening to residents and talking about how to deal with the low-level antisocial behaviour in the area.

“We have got to take a strong approach against this sort of behaviour in our parks and car parks.”

David Harrison, chairman of Basildon Council’s neighbourhoods and public spaces committee, said: “The new barriers are a welcome addition to Radford Crescent Car Park.

“They will provide additional security out-of-hours and reduce the likelihood that the car park is used for anti-social behaviour.

“I am pleased that we have been able to improve the car park for residents of the area without impacting those who use the car park correctly during the day.”