SEAFRONT traders have blasted dangerous bikers for causing “anarchy” – and are demanding police step up and deal with the issue.

It comes after a furious traders caught a biker speeding along the seafront while standing on the seat of his bike on Sunday night.

Joan Tiney, 69, chairman of the Southend Seafront Traders Association, said it was completely unacceptable behaviour.

She said: “Well, it’s been going on for years.

“The police are just useless, how can this be going on and how can it be allowed to continue like this.

“It is just a joke and is happening all the time.

“These bikers are congregating all the time and nobody seems to be taking any notice of what is going on here.

“I feel like if I did this I would be arrested, but these bikers just seem to be getting away with it over and over again.

“They are a pain and are even riding on the pavement and weaving in and out of day-trippers.”

Ms Tiney, who owns The Borough Hotel, said police need to be doing more to crack down on these bikers.

She said she wants to see officers taking more action against the bikers who are terrorising the ever-popular seafront.

Ms Tiney said: “I want to see a strong police presence and think that persistent offenders should be arrested and dealt with to stop the issue.”

Essex Police says the force is doing all it can.

Acting chief Insp Ian Hughes said: “We are aware of the issue of anti-social riding and parking along the seafront and the concern this is causing traders there.

“I received footage yesterday morning of alleged anti-social riding and that will now be reviewed.

“We’re also continuing to work with our partners, such as Southend Council, to tackle issues such as this in the shared space.

“Our new town centre team is providing increased visibility in the town and on the seafront and we will be increasing visibility further.”