DEMANDS have been made for a concrete cycle lane divider to be removed immediately after it has damaged cars and caused people to trip.

Angry residents want the “invisible hazard” in Devereux Road, Southend, gone after incidents where cars have been left with damaged tyres and residents have fallen over.

The six-inch high concrete kerb was installed earlier in the summer and is aimed at allowing cyclists, in the cycle lane, to filter safely onto Alexandra Road.

But residents say it’s a farce.

Julie Black, 52, who lives on Devereux Road, told the Echo how neighbours have been worried about a serious accident happening for weeks. She said: “We’re all concerned something bad will happen soon.

“We’ve had several people trip and fall, landed with cuts and bruises.

“My son has seen cars who have had two tyres ruined by the kerb.

“It’s totally invisible in the dark.

“It’s bad enough in the daytime.

“It’s extremely dangerous.”

Mrs Black said she was particularly worried for the elderly or partially-sighted people. She said: “They’ll have no idea it’s there at all. It’s ridiculous - nobody uses the cycle path anyway.

“There’s no warning anywhere that there’s a three-metre kerb in the middle of the road.

“They have to swerve right out to avoid it, as well as looking both ways along the busy road. The road is dangerous enough as it is.

“It needs humps not a silly cycle path divider.

“It only needs painting yellow so people can see it.

“We’ve had two men out to risk access it after it was put in, but they deemed it safe.”

Ron Woodley, councillor for Thorpe ward, who is responsible for transport, capital, and inward investment, said: “We have recently had an external road safety audit taken place for this section of Devereux Road, as well as other sites nearby.

“We are aware of residents’ concerns and we will review the options available to address the concerns raised.”