A GP has been struck off the medical register after sending letters to patients falsely claiming they had been “professionally abused” by a colleague.

Dr Frank Hlordzi, of the Clayhill Medical Practice, in Vange, wrote to six women who had had contraceptive coils fitted and told them a chemical could have been wrongly used on them internally during their treatment.

Dr Hlordzi falsely claimed that as a result the women had been “professionally abused” in letters which caused the women a significant degree of anxiety.

During a tribunal held by the Medical Practitioners’ Tribunal Service, it was found that he knew this to be untrue.

While the tribunal found that the chemical - known as Hydrex Pink - had been incorrectly used on one patient, it was only in the pubic region and was not used on the other five women.

The panel also found he had used “emotive and inflammatory language far beyond what was required to convey what he claimed had occurred”.

The tribunal determined that Dr Hlordzi had been motivated by hostility towards the patients’ doctor - Dr Francisca Ogunbiyi - after their working relationship had broken down in 2016.

In a report, the panel stated: “Dr Hlordzi was motivated, to a significant extent, by hostility towards Dr Ogunbiyi and Ms Hicks and a desire to avenge what he considered to be wrongdoing committed against him.”

It said he had not made basic inquiries to find out what had taken place before writing to patients and had acted dishonestly.

Despite Dr Hlordzi apologising, they found that his actions were inappropriate and had amounted to misconduct.

It was ordered his name be struck from the register pending an appeal.