The Conservative Party has dismissed claims its chairman was speeding and using his mobile phone just seconds before he was involved in a crash on a busy motorway.

Braintree MP James Cleverly was travelling on the M11 last Friday when he was involved in what appeared to be a small crash with another vehicle.

The other driver involved in the collision, Asim Khan, took to Twitter soon after to accuse the Braintree MP of dishonesty and suggested Mr Cleverly had been breaking the law just before the crash happened.

Mr Khan also posted a short video of the scene where he and Mr Cleverly can be heard discussing the crash.

He wrote on Twitter: “This guy James Cleverly is a dishonest and a liar of a person. He is not to be trusted.

“He hit my car on M11 while speeding and using his phone. At the scene he admitted it was his fault.

“He damaged my new car. When I contacted him he said he is not accepting liability."

A spokesman for the Conservative Party has denied the accusations made against Mr Cleverly. 

The spokesman said the MP had not been speeding or using his phone while behind the wheel.

He also insisted Mr Cleverly had at no point accepted liability for the crash.

The spokesman added: “James was involved in a minor accident with another car on Friday.

“The matter is now being dealt with by his insurance company.”

The former Brexit minister was promoted to chairman last month when Boris Johnson won the Conservative Party leadership race and became Prime Minister.

Mr Cleverly’s new role also saw him land a role in Mr Johnson’s cabinet where he took up the position of Minister without portfolio.