A MAN had £2,500 stolen from his bank account after a cash-point con.

Adam Murphy, who used the Natwest ATM on Station Road, Rayleigh, told how his card was cloned by crafty thieves.

He used the cash point last Friday at 9pm.

It wasn’t until Monday morning he noticed the cash had gone.

Mr Murphy, 34, from Rayleigh, told the Echo how his details had been used at a shop in Bolton twice.

Mr Murphy said: “It’s been an absolute nightmare.

“I was really panicking to be honest.

“Luckily a person at Barclays calmed me down over the phone. They’ve been great really.

“They told me that the money would be refunded.

“This can’t be done though until both transactions have fully come out of my account. One is still pending.

“It’s been stressful.”

He added that he wouldn’t usually be getting money out at that time of night, but because it was raining, he needed money for a taxi. He said: “Everything on that night was weird.

“I’ve never used that cash machine before. It looked brand new.

“I did think it was odd that a security van was there at 9pm.

“I usually cover my pin but I was in a rush as there was a queue behind me.

“I’ve since heard that that cash point has been targeted before.

“When I saw the money disappear my heart just sank.”

He explained the potential consequences that the loss of money could have had.

Mr Murphy, a keen Youtuber whose film channel Murffs World is being relaunched this week, continued: “I was lucky actually that it happened this week.

“I was working in London last week which would have left me stranded. I wouldn’t have been able for travel or buy food.

“I’ve been working from home this week so haven’t needed to buy anything.

“I’d paid for a hotel for an upcoming wedding.

“I was lucky that the money for that had already come out or I would have been stuffed.

“I don’t want to go into my overdraft otherwise I’ll be charged.”

A spokesperson from Natwest, said: “The machine at Rayleigh railway station is fitted with state of the art security measures. We have launched a thorough investigation following this report. We can confirm we’ve had no other reports of issues with this ATM.”