YOBS threw rocks at a moving cars on Canvey, leaving one owner scared and concerned.

The thugs targeted Alison Osterberg-Smith, 43, from Canvey, as she drove along Link Road between 8.30pm and 9pm on Monday night.

The incident has left Alison with a dented door - and an unwanted repair bill.

She said: “I didn’t see anyone and I wasn’t sure what had happened at the time.

“It was such a loud bang and it sounded like something had fallen on the roof of the car.

“It startled me enough to slam on my breaks as I was thinking I had been hit, but there were no other cars in sight.

“I was left feeling shaken and on seeing the damage to my car felt I felt angry.

“On reading others posts online I’m not the only person it happened to on Monday night.

“I haven’t had chance to go to a garage to find out costings of repairing it yet as working, but I don’t suppose it will be cheap.”

She posted on Facebook and it was met with an outcry of anger from residents and other victims.

Sarah Grove, posted: “It also happened to me on Monday night.

“I was so scared and had no idea what the huge bang was.

“I stopped my car and just sat parked up just off the pavement and was shaking.”

Phillip Browne, posted: “This is disgusting and I really hope these vile yobs get caught very soon.

“We shouldn’t have to put up with this sort of thing.

“I hope anyone targeted is ok.”

Mrs Osterberg-Smith said she was too scared to get out her car and decided to drive the short distance home before assessing the damage.

The damage was done to the passenger side of her car.

Community leaders have raised serious concerns about the incident.

Former Tory councillor Ray Howard MBE said: “I think this is an absolute disgrace.

“We have got to find these youngsters and the police must speak with their parents and make them pay for the damage caused to this woman’s car.

“This woman must be in a frightful state, it is just not acceptable that this is going on.”

Anyone with information should call police on 101.