MORE than 200 cannabis plants were removed from a home as police closed down a cannabis factory during an early morning raid.

Officers were called to the property in Southbourne Grove, Westcliff yesterday morning.

The team took to Twitter to share images and information about their work and efforts.

The efforts have been met with praise from councillors and community leaders.

Charles Willis, Labour councillor for Westborough Ward said: “Well I am really pleased that these drugs have been found and that police have had success in removing drugs from the area.

“We’ve still got a way to go to make our ward drug free and I would asked that police put more resources into getting this done.

“I would hope the legal process will send a strong message to help to stop this going on in our ward.

“I saw about the find on social media but wasn’t exactly sure where it was.

“I am shocked about this find but am not surprised to be honest.

“I think residents will be disappointed that this is going on here but will be pleased that more drugs have been taken off our streets.”

Mr Willis said he’s also very pleased to see the police officers have taken swift action in this case.

Kevin Robinson, Labour councillor for Westborough and business, culture and tourism also praised the officers for the work.

He said: “I fully support police in taking drugs from our ward and area.

“We know this is happening in our area and we get reports of this and we pass it onto police and when they’ve got enough intelligence the officers can take action.

“This sends a strong message that the police are working on getting rid of drugs.”

Residents took to social media to post about the great work by the officers.

Rita Farfield, 40, of Southbourne Grove, Westcliff said: “It’s about time we see police taking action against these people using our area to grown drugs.

“We don’t want this sort of thing going on here.”

A spokesman for Essex Police said: “We were called to reports of a disturbance at an address in Westcliff at 2.40am on Wednesday 21 August.

“Officers arrived at the house, on Southbourne Grove, and discovered more than 200 cannabis plants.

“Enquiries are ongoing.”