CCTV cameras will installed across a Wickford park.

There will soon be seven cameras operating in the Wickford Memorial Park.

David Harrison, councillor for Wickford Park, and Eunice Brockman, councillor for Wickford North, announced the news on social media, proclaiming: “CCTV is coming!

“In just six weeks we have met officers in the Wickford Memorial Park, planned the siting of seven cameras, and placed the order.

“We budgeted for this in 2017. In 2018 The Tory administration moved priority to Billericay. Thankfully this is now back on track.”

The Echo has previously reported on several issues at the park, with two incidents involving yobs vandalising the Poppy Pavilion cafe and setting rubbish bins on fire.

Mrs Brockman, told the Echo: “This was both of our prerogatives, but David put all of the hard work in.

“We’ve tried to get this done before.

“It is much needed. The safety and security of the parks users is really important to us.

“We had a proactive meeting a couple of weeks ago.

“I don’t have a specific date, but it should be soon.”

Don Morris, councillor for Wickford Castledon ward, who has been vocal on the previous incidents in the park, added: “We need to know if it will work.

“It’s positive but there’s questions that need to be answered.

“Will it be manned 24/7 at a control centre?

“Unfortunately, the trouble is that CCTV cameras don’t arrest people.

“You can have as many CCTV cameras as you like but they won’t be as affective as having policemen on the beat.

“It would be great if we could have policemen walking around there every day.

“Unless it leads to prosecution, then CCTV doesn’t particularly work.”

Mr Morris addressed the yobs behaviour: “They’re actions were not acceptable.

“They need to be caught.

“They don’t realise that it’s their parents and the rest of society that have to pay because of what they do.

“There’s no excuses.”