ONCE again the cry goes up from the unthinking and unknowing for the “chicane” at the Fortune of War to be removed.

This time it comes from people in Prittlewell and Hawkwell, adding their voices to that of Rayleigh MP Mark Fancois.

They claim to want to reduce pollution but in fact it is because they do not want their headlong dash to the traffic jam at the slip road to the M25 or the roadworks at Ardleigh green interrupted.

Time after time I have pointed out the insurmountable problems that would arise.

The front page picture of August 14 shows quite clearly that there exists a garage on the south west corner of the junction and a McDonalds on the north west side, both of which require traffic to slow down in order to access or egress their sites.

What it does not show is the very large industrial estate which is some 200 yards to the south of the junction and unless they believe it is acceptable for heavy goods vehicles to drive along the residential section of Laindon High Road, a manoeuvre which is forbidden at present, then the commercial traffic has to reach the Arterial via the Fortune junction.

The present restrictions allow this to be carried out in relative safety.

I suppose people who live in the Southend area can be forgiven for not realising the danger adopting their view would create, but Mark Francois should.


Buller Road, Laindon