AN INSPIRATIONAL girl has taken it upon herself to hide books and teddies around Canvey for those less fortunate than her.

Grace MacLean, 11, a keen kickboxer, will hide the 28 parcels over the next week, in the hope that children will enjoy them just as much as she did.

Grace’s mum, Laura, told the Echo that her idea had come after a revealing article had shocked her: “Grace was reading an article online, which stated how lots of children do not own a book, or have never read one.

“She hated the thought that a child would be unable to experience reading a book.

“Her teddies and stories brought her such calmness when she was younger.

“She reminded me that she loved to read and cuddle before bedtime.

“It then became a reality and she came up with ‘Grace’s Nighttime Parcel’.

“She has selected a teddy to suit each book, and wrapped them together in cellophane.

“She has then stuck a written note on the parcel to let others know what they are. “These parcels will be placed around Canvey daily, over the next week.

“The books range from young to slightly older ones, to make as many children as happy as possible.”

Mrs Maclean, 30, spoke of her daughter’s previous work for charities and her kindness to help others: “Grace is a very caring and generous child.

“From a young age, she has given lots of her toys, books, and clothes to various charities and organisations.

“She has also helped to raise money for charities.

“Grace understands that there are a lot of children who may not be as fortunate as she is.

“When she can, she likes to make sure they are as happy as possible.

“We both hope that others will follow in her footsteps and continue to make a child smile.”

The proud mum, added that she played no part in Grace’s idea: “I want her to get all of the praise for this.

“I am very proud of Grace. She’s so thoughtful and caring towards others.

“She never thinks of just herself. She will always go out of her way to help where she can.”