A PROTEST rally against 660 homes in Rochford took to the streets.

The protest group, Rochford Supporters, took to the mini roundabout which joins together Ashingdon Road and Dalys Road over the bank holiday weekend to highlight their concerns about the impact which the development would have on the area.

Protests have previously been organised by Holt Farm junior school as the developer, Bloor Homes, plans to narrow the pavements on Ashingdon Road, which would be the access point for the new estate.

Protest organiser Melanie English, who lives on Oxford Road, explained: “The infrastructure simply can’t cope with this build, it will be absolutely catastrophic.

“This will mean two or three years of building and noise, pollution which kids from the schools along the road will be breathing in, narrow dangerous pavements, machinery coming in and out, rush hour traffic, so much which will affect every day life.

“If it goes ahead on Ashingdon Road and Oxford Road, it will back onto mine and many other’s homes. It’s turning our lives upside down fearing this will take place.”

Melanie continued: “I don’t see any positives, and a lot of people are very angry and worried about their future here. I think that’s why the turnout for our protest was great even for a bank holiday; everyone turned up with their banners, flags, drums, posters and passion.”

A number of councillors have shown support for the demonstration, with many sharing the concerns of protestors.

Hawkwell East Councillor Mike Webb, who attended the event, said: “The protest was great to be a part of, Melanie has the passion and drive to see this campaign through.

“I’m personally concerned about what having the access point near to a school will mean. It will be a recipe for disaster to widen the road and narrow the pavements, which will come at the expense of pupils and parents.

“I really do struggle with how dangerous the plans are, and think they should be looked at again. I’ve asked for a new traffic survey.”

A spokesman for Bloor Homes said: “The site on Ashingdon Road is allocated by Rochford Council for housing.

“Bloor Homes is proposing new homes, green open space and community facilities to meet local demand.”