ARMED teenagers terrorised a neighbourhood after chasing down a driver with a machete.

An eyewitness reported seeing three teenagers brandish a large knife, which looked like a machete, before chasing a car down Rayleigh Road, Eastwood, on Monday.

It is understood to be one of a number of incidents.

Neighbours have complained about teenagers causing havoc by running in front of cars and weaving in and out of gardens while holding the knife.

A witness, who lives on Rayleigh Road, Eastwood, said: “I heard shouting, I so went out and saw the teenagers, one was on foot and two were on a bike. What I saw was definitely a shock.

“One of them then pulled a massive knife out which looked like a machete and started running after a bloke in a car with it, shouting that he was going to ‘shank’ him.

“Luckily I wasn’t down there, as I watched it from my balcony. Reading about these incidents is bad enough, but seeing it in real life was absolutely horrible.

“They couldn’t of been older than 15 to 16 and the knife was huge, it’s such a scary world we live in.

“It makes me scared for my two-year-old daughter.”

Eastwood councillors are banding together to promote the message that “weapons aren’t the answer”.

Councillor Andrew Moring said: “Nobody really needs to carry a knife, and this is worrying behaviour the council and police do not tolerate.

“Thankfully, as far as we know this is an isolated incident. But if nobody carried a knife, nobody would be at risk.

“If we all do our bit to help influence them in the right direction, it will make the world of difference. They need to know a knife isn’t protection.

“I suggest that if they feel in danger, they should speak to their parents or even Essex Police - knives aren’t the answer.”

Councillor Paul Collins added: “Moving forward we need to try and understand why these people feel they need to carry a knife, and then eliminate that. That’s half the problem.”

A spokesman for Essex Police said: “We were called at around 6.10pm on Monday with reports that three people were seen in possession of a knife.

“A woman reported she saw teenagers holding what she described as a large knife near to The Eastwood Academy.

“We searched the area but were unable to find the people described. Enquiries are ongoing.”