A SOUTH Essex starlet has created a one woman Marilyn Monroe show.

Isabella Bliss, 32, is bringing it to the Museum of Comedy in London.

She has been performing as a burlesque dancer for seven years, but started impersonating the star after a friend asked her to for a birthday surprise.

Her show incorporates some of the star’s classic songs as well information people may not know about the star.

She said: “I have been performing and touring with burlesque company, An Evening with Burlesque for about seven years now.

“I started doing Marilyn about four years ago, when I was doing the burlesque people would say how much I looked like her.

“One evening, after a few drinks a friend asked me to impersonate Marilyn for a birthday event and sing ‘Happy Birthday’.

“I had a terrible phobia of singing and never sang at all but decided to do it and spent six months with Sam Smith’s vocal coach Anthony Wade known as Doctor Voice.

“I may have taken a joke too far but don’t do things by halves.”

Isabella, from Pitsea, said she’s spent countless hours studying the star to ensure she was able to get the accent and act spot on. She said her act for her friend’s birthday went viral online and lots of requests started coming in.

She said: “I then started doing small segments as Marilyn during the shows and then wrote the one woman show in 2017.

“I’ve got a bit of a break now from the burlesque tour so it seemed a great time to bring the show to the stage.

“There’s a lot about Marilyn that people overlook including her comedic ability and how empowering she was.

“I love performing as Marilyn but do feel such intense pressure when you impersonate someone you have to really hone in on the fine details.” The show is on Saturday, September 14 from 7pm at the Museum of Comedy in London. Tickets are £10 online at leicestersquaretheatre.ticketsolve.com