A FURIOUS home owner is demanding the council installs CCTV in his street after thieves broke into his home and stole his car.

The resident, who asked to remain anonymous, said he and his partner were asleep at the time when crooks raided their home in Westcliff Parade, Westcliff.

The thieves soon sped off in the man’s Audi A4, also taking with them a laptop and Amazon Kindle tablet.

The victim said: “We had a little window open in one of the rooms and they crawled through and took a laptop, car keys, the car and my kindle.

“The scariest thing is that we were asleep in the property at the time.

“We are now more aware of making sure everything is locked up and safe and we’ve to change all the locks on the doors too.

“A few months back we had our car windows smashed and a few items taken.

“There have been other car break-ins in the street too.

“I think the council needs to get its finger out and do something about it.

“I want CCTV in our street, I contacted Southend Council and it said just to email.

“We really do need the cameras here but all the council keep saying is we have CCTV in the town but what good will that do for out street.”

The burglary happened during the early hours of last Friday.

Essex Police confirmed an investigation into the incident at the home. To report any information about the incident to the force, call 101.

Martin Terry, councillor for community safety said: “The council has one of the finest CCTV operations in the country which covers a large portion of the borough and is being upgraded further.

“To install further cameras at specific locations, a strong evidence log is required, through reports made to police and the council, and consultation would be required with the community.

“I sympathise greatly with this resident as people should feel safe at all times, which is why my number one priority is to get more police resources in Southend. The council and our colleagues at Essex Police meet frequently to discuss such matters however at this stage, we would need to look at all the evidence of criminality in this area.

“Should further evidence arise to support the requirement, we will of course ensure we investigate all possible avenues.”