A DISABLED eleven-year-old has been left stranded after the county council’s failure to organise suitable transport to school, his mum claims.

George Shippey, 11, from Billericay - who lives with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, a muscle wasting condition - is currently attending Shenfield High School, but the logistics of getting to and from school are proving to be a real nightmare.

George’s original minibus transport was a short ten-minute journey from his Billericay home at 8.10am.

But this has now changed to a 90-minute journey. starting at 7am every morning.

Kerry Shippey, 47, George’s mum, explains and says she just can’t understand Essex County Council’s decision making regarding her son.

She also explained the consequences that this unsuitable transport arrangement is having.

She said: “George relies on a powered chair. He can only sit in that for about 45 minutes before getting severe muscle cramps.

“If the muscle cramps are prolonged, this will prevent him from potentially walking in the future.

“The journey to school is only ten minutes away, it’s a joke.

“His condition means that George is constantly tired. The 7am pick-up time is ridiculous.

“They haven’t taken his needs into consideration at all.”

Mrs Shippey added that the council have not been helpful at all. She said: “Nobody there wants to help us.

“The first transport was perfectly fine but since they’ve changed it it’s been stupid.

“They keep saying that it’s not their responsibility.

“I’ve had to get my GP and our consultant from Great Ormond Street hospital involved to try and sort it out.

“They were all so shocked to hear what was going on and helped us provide medical evidence to the council to prove that the transport is not suitable for George.”

The concerned mother also told the Echo that she had heard of similar incidents across Essex with children who live with George’s condition, trying to get transport to their school.

Essex County Council were contacted for a comment.