A VULNERABLE man has been saved from exploitation after a crook started living in his home.

Police officers and Southend Council workers carried out a raid at the property in Kursaal ward, Southend.

Police say the man is now being safeguarded and the other man was issued with a warning preventing him from being in the address for a year.

Ian Hughes, Inspector of Southend Community Policing Team, said it came as part of some great work by the council.

Insp Hughes said: “It was in response to information from Southend Council about a vulnerable man, we completed a joint visit and the vulnerable occupant was not home however a man not associated with the premises was issued with a Community Protection Warning directing him not to be in the address in Kursaal Ward, Central Southend and he was asked to leave immediately.

“The vulnerable man has been referred to agencies for additional support and is now being safeguarded.“The information received was that the male issued with the warning had exploited the vulnerable resident by way of taking over his flat also known as cuckooing, issuing the warning ensures that this male does not return to the address for 12 months.

“This is an excellent example of Southend agencies sharing information and concerns which has resulted in a vulnerable male being protected from people wishing to take advantage of him.”

“As a result the male is now receiving the support he needs to prevent this from occurring again.”

The warrant was carried out on September 9.

A Southend Council spokesman, said: “We are aware of this issue, but as there is an active and sensitive safeguarding enquiry ongoing we cannot provide any details or comment further.”