A SLEEPING giant has finally got his head at a newly restored garden in Southend.

The grass giant figure was first revealed to the public in May this year as part of the restored Never Never Land rock garden.

The shrubbery was first opened in 1935 with its appeal growing through the 1950s, but has since closed and reopened several times before being neglected for several years.

But in May, Southend Council’s parks team set the water fountain flowing again and all six of its fantasy castles were repainted and restored by Southend artist David Taylor.

The sleeping giant’s body was unveiled, but it wasn’t until this week that his concrete head was finally put in place.

The surrounding area to the rock garden has been landscaped and enclosed with ornate fencing, along with a new gateway feature to welcome people from the seafront.

Adventure Island boss Phillip Miller tweeted his delight, simply saying: “Sleeping giant of Never Never Land. Wonderful!”

Kevin Robinson, cabinet member for business, culture and tourism at Southend Council, said the sculpture would be a welcome attraction for residents.

He said: “The Millers have put a lot of time and effort into making the entrance to Adventure Island as attractive as possible, and the whole of Never Never Land is a great project where the council’s parks team has worked with them.

“It’s especially good as it’s quite attractive for people at the top of the bank but also down below on the seafront.

“It will have lots of people reminiscing on what it used to be like back in its hey day. I think it will be a very good addition to the attraction of Southend. We, as a council, have a great working relationship with Adventure Island and have worked on many projects together, and we hope that will continue.”