AN INSPIRATIONAL six-year-old is raising awareness of children’s cancer by putting posters up around Rayleigh.

Toby Peters, who is currently in remission for blood cancer, is determined to raise awareness of childhood cancer and reduce the diagnosis time for youngsters who may have it.

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The six-year-old is taking part in the “Go Gold” month of awareness this month, which encourages parents to know the symptoms of cancer in children.

Toby’s mum, Heather, from Rayleigh, told the Echo: “He’s been in remission since October last year after two and a half years of chemotherapy.

“It’s been really difficult, but you’ve gotta do what you’ve got to do.

“His posters are provided by Gold Geese the charity, who work with children with cancer in Southend.

“They try and organise happy days for the kids. Toby’s been a fireman for a day before. They’ve been so helpful to us.

“Toby wants people to know that the colour gold is for children with cancer, like pink is for Cancer Research.”

Heather, 42, added that since Toby has started his awareness campaign, he’s grown in confidence: “He’s gone back into school full time in year two. He absolutely loves it. He’s taken up basketball and scooter riding. He delivers his posters on his bike now too.

“He put up 50 last year but has managed to do 150 already this year.

“More and more people are coming forward to help out and put them up in their cars or in their houses.”

Heather wanted to thank the community for getting involved and helping Toby in his campaigning. The proud mum said: “The Grove Wood Primary School have been amazing. Everyone there has been great!

“Everyone in Rayleigh have been fantastic. We’ve had grandmothers call us and ask to help out.”

Gold Geese is a charity which provides support for children and their families who are living with cancer or have recently passed away.