BEING a big football fan I could not believe it when I saw that a Tilbury man was announced as the winner of £250,000 with the popular Sky Soccer Saturday Super Six competition.

I tune in every week and was shocked to hear the announcement. What a win – I bet he’s over the moon.

But it’s not easy to achieve this – the chances of getting six scores right back to back is pretty slim.

A huge well done to Jason and I bet he’s already planned on how to spend his well-deserved winnings.

His family must be pretty pleased and proud of him too. I’ve never heard of anyone from Essex winning the jackpot £250,000.

I can’t imagine how he’s feeling, he must be so excited.

It’s a very exciting competition and I know people who have entered every week.

I know some footie fans almost plan their whole weekend around the competition.

I imagine he celebrated a lot over the weekend after getting the news – and I’m sure it’ll be more than welcome his bank account.

His partner must also be delighted with his winnings too. All that time spent following football was not wasted after all.


Gardner Avenue, Corringham