I am amazed that Christine Nurse believes most of the voters, who voted leave back in 2016, knew precisely what they were voting for.

In reality, none of us had enough reliable information on both sides of the debate about all the issues involved to make a decision then.

I think we are at least better informed now. Certainly, the statement about the alleged effects of the Lisbon Treaty, which she relies on, does not appear to be reliable either.

The Treaty of Lisbon was passed by all member states in 2007 and became effective in 2009.

Thus, if this treaty was to reduce Britain to a puppet state, we would have noticed by now.There are no new effects in 2020.

Incidentally, we are aware of one aspect of the Treaty of Lisbon.

We triggered article 50 of it to signal our withdrawing from the EU.

Let’s stick to real facts and rational comment, as well as a bit of respect for both sides, to try to sort out this mess. It was a start that Christine Nurse called us Remainers, not the usual derogatory Remoaners.


Hawkesbury Road, Canvey

Have just read the letter from Christine Nurse from Basildon, the Lisbon Treaty was voted on in 2007 and came into effect in 2009.

What she read was the hoax that was doing the rounds on social media etc.,.

The ‘Lisbon Treaty’ she and many others read will not come into effect in 2020.


Point Road, Canvey

The British people were asked to vote on a simple question, whether to remain in the EU or leave it.

No terms, stipulations, nor conditions.

They voted. A decision was made, be it for good or bad. The size of the majority is immaterial. It was a majority. In a true democracy that would be binding and we would all have to live with it.

The mess we are in is entirely at the door of all those who would question or overturn that democratic decision, including those Members in Parliament who are behaving shamefully and irresponsibly in ignoring the spoken will of the nation.

If we do not carry the decision through, there would be absolutely no point in voting in the future as decisions could always be overturned by those who disagree with them if they shout loud enough. And democracy would be dead.


Chapel Road, Shoeburyness

Having read Jack Coward’s letter of September 10, I am dumbfounded that he believes leavers didn’t know what they were voting for!

Many of us follow politics and took the trouble to read the Lisbon Treaty, which becomes law in 2020.

It is not the PM using childish tactics, it is all the remainers who either have instigated a plan of anti brexit scaremongering or are trying every trick in the book to prevent the democratic will of the people being overturned.

You only have to look at the ex politicians who have financial interests in Europe and who have been in talks with the EU behind the PM’s back trying to stop brexit.

We had a democratic vote and the leavers won and democracy is being trashed by those who believe they know better.

I suggest you, Mr Coward, and remainers read the Lisbon Treaty and see how Britain would end up as a puppet nation to Europe and its unelected dictators.


Bartlow Side, Basildon

My first thought on the proroguing of Parliament was having got nowhere since mid 2016 another few days won’t matter.

However, what has been achieved in the last few days to preclude no deal and turn off a snap general election, while not real progress, does look like disaster has been averted.

Putting myself in the heads of the EU hierarchy, seeing the conniptions suffered in this country, I think they will conclude that it is inconceivable that any other country would dream of volunteering to get out.


Verson Road, Leigh

LEAVERS are perfectly correct: the country voted to leave the EU on June 23, 2016. And indubitably the country must do so, eventually.

But no timescale for withdrawal was given. The implication was we would leave the EU when preparations to do so were finalised.

At present, they are not, and to leave when we are unprepared to do so would be the height of folly.

The problems of a land border in Ireland, for example, are unresolved, hence the need for a backstop. We are told technology will provide solutions. This is excellent news, but the technology should be installed and proved before we leave the EU, not after.

I would suggest the result of the referendum gave a goal to be reached when the country was ready; not an arbitrary cut-off date on which we leave, ready or not. That could well be disastrous.


London Road, Leigh

Since the referendum it is now deemed acceptable to demonise anyone, or any group of people, who may disagree with one.

Anger only damages oneself, and was never meant to be the will of the people. What a pity the polarised passion puncturing Brexit could not be brought to the shameful fact the UK has thousands of children being housed in shipping containers, and thousands more homeless families.

Digest that before barking on about an advisory referendum.

The Brexit banana skin is a circus. Given the PM and his loopy leaving Lieutenant Rees-Mogg have decided to jackboot parliament, one wonders if the nasty party is comfortable with closing debate.


Rayleigh Road, Eastwood