A young mum has been fined £100 after being accused of a “45 hour” shop.

But Tallula Moore, 21, from Rochford, told how she made two shopping trips to Southend Airport Retail Park in her Citroen on September 5 and 7.

Yet ParkingEye, which polices motorists at the retail park, accused her of entering the car park on the 5th - before leaving on the 7th.

Ms Moore, who has two boys aged four and seven months, said: “I was so shocked when I received the letter a few days later.

“They accused me of leaving the car for 45 hours while I shopped? But they have selectively used a picture of me entering the first time and leaving the second time.

“They sent me the photos, but where is have chosen to ignore the first picture of me leaving and the second time I entered the car park?

“I’ve got a black box in my car and have sent it to my insurers to retrieve the information that proves I didn’t stay that long. I spent about 30 minutes shopping each time!”

Ms Moore said she would appeal when she got all the relevant information, adding.

She said: “I’m not going to pay because I know I can prove how long I was there, but what happens to people who can’t prove it?

“This is just a greedy company doing what they can to make money.

“It’s actually sickening that these companies do this to people, their cameras clearly pick and choose when they want to take registrations down.”

Ms Moore is not the only person to have fallen foul of ParkingEye’s operation at the airport where visitors are allowed four hours free parking.

Michael Gibbons was one of many who took to the Caring About Rochford Facebook page to express their dismay.

He said: “I had exactly the same a year ago. They said I was in there for 26 hours. I appealed right away, told them there was obviously a problem with their equipment and two or three days later was told no further action.”

Vicki Pullen added: “They tried to do the same to me. Luckily, I was working the next day and could prove that I entered and exited the car park at work.

“They won’t let you phone them. It all has to be done by email.”

A spokesperson for ParkingEye said: “We encourage any motorist who has mitigating circumstances to use our British Parking Association audited appeals process.

“The motorist in this case has not appealed this penalty charge notice or responded to any of our correspondence.”