A VETERAN Liberal Democrat campaigner is making a comeback to fight Sir David Amess at the next general election – more than 20 years after she first took him on.

Nina Stimson, 72, of Leigh Road, Leigh, is preparing to stand against Sir David, Tory MP for Southend West.

The Lib Dem prospective parliamentary candidate has stood twice for the seat before.

In 1997, she came a close second with 15,414 votes to David Amess’s 18,029 votes.

Five years earlier she took on long-serving Tory Paul Channon, and secured 15,417 against Mr Channon’s 27,319.

Grandmother-of-five Mrs Stimson said: “I am delighted to be back but didn’t really go away.

“I have never given up on politics or the Lib Dem Party and have still been involved in Leigh with helping to get new councillors elected and have contributed to campaigns.

“I am very pleased with the clear Lib Dem strategies and I know a lot of residents in Leigh are pleased too. There are various reasons why I am standing again.

“I’ve just taken a part time role in medical analysis where I work at Nicholas Hall in Southend, so have more time. This is a pivotal time in UK politics, the two big main parties are splitting themselves into pieces.

“I think in Leigh there has been a big push towards Lib Dem and we won two more seats in the last election and now have four Lib Dem councillors for Leigh and West Leigh wards combined.”

Mrs Stimson said she’s been speaking with residents in Leigh who told her they are sick and tired of what is happening in Parliament and want an end to it all.

She said she will not let her age get in the way of bagging herself a seat in the next election.

Prime Minister, Boris Johnson had hoped to hold a general election in October but it now seems that the opposition parties, now in control of Parliamentary business, will not agree to an election until November at the earliest.