I HAD never given much thought to selecting a secondary school for my children... until now.

We went along to a school open evening this week.

I could not believe how many people had turned up to view the school.

The main car park was already crammed, so we were directed to the playing field to park up – it felt like we had arrived at a music festival!

Having viewed two schools, with two more to go, we feel completely bewildered as to where to send our child.

In some ways, it feels like we would all be better off if we went back to the old days when everyone just went to the school closest to them.

For better or worse, it would take the pressure off parents having to make such a huge decision.

It would also save the schools from having to put so much time and effort in showing parents around when I’m sure they would rather be settling in their new pupils.

And it would cut down on the school-run road chaos if most pupils lived within walking distance of their school.

JACK COWARD, Eastwood Road Rayleigh