A BLUSHING bride was almost sick during an unusual entrance to her wedding day as part of a TV show.

Vikki Capon, 27 from Basildon was whisked to her ceremony in a mini-helicopter but almost found the ride too much.

She met her now husband, Aschkan Najdaghi, 27, also from Basildon after the bumpy ride and the whole event was filmed by E4 show Don’t Tell The Bride.

The show sees couples split up with no contact for three weeks as the husband takes full control of arranging the wedding day.

The pair wed during a romantic ceremony filled with flowers, balloons and doves at Wallingford Castle in Oxford and it was followed by a reception on The New Orleans Henley boat in Henley-on-Thames in May.

Mr Najdaghi said: “Vikki applied for the show and when I got the email I thought it was a joke.

“I still didn’t believe it when she told me it was real, we went through an interview process but we got the final confirmation around March.

“I was given £13,500 to spend on the wedding and £500 of that has to go toward the legal registration.

“It was a bit crazy as they blocked our social media and took our phones so we couldn’t contact each other.

“The whole experience was stressful and I was questioning myself about everything I did.”

He said the wedding day went very well and he was pleased with it.

Vikki who kept her maiden name said: “I didn’t feel the best in the giro-copter and wasn’t sick but felt a bit queasy and think it was a combination of nerves and being a bit travel sick.

“The whole experience was overwhelming, I don’t think you realise how much you rely on someone until they can’t see them.

“It was an amazing experience and certainly something I won’t forget.

“He did really well and got everything so great.

“I was a bit worried about being on camera and with so many people watching as I am quite reserved.”