A MUM has blasted magistrates for giving the motorcyclist who “almost killed her son” a £166 fine...and no driving ban.

Claire Dunn’s son, Jack, 13, was cycling to school in January when he was hit by Andrew Lancaster, 22, who overtook traffic as Jack used a zebra crossing at Hobleythick Lane, Westcliff.


Injuries -Jack after the incident


The Southend High School for Boys pupil smashed his face open on the ground and was knocked out.

At Colchester Magistrates’ Court, Lancaster admitted driving a vehicle on a road without due care and attention.

Lancaster, of Brightwell Avenue, Westcliff received a fine of £166 and was ordered to pay court costs of £90. He also got five penalty points.

Claire, 41, said: “I cannot begin to say how disappointed I am with the magistrate. Five points and a fine does not reflect the circumstances or the physical and psychological injury inflicted upon my 13-year-old son.

“Had Jack not have been wearing his helmet, the outcome could have been fatal. To run into a child who is crossing a zebra crossing should result in an instant disqualification. It’s disgraceful to think this man continues to use our roads.”

Jack’s victim statement, read out during sentencing, revealed the lasting effects, both emotionally and physically.

It read: “I can no longer cross that zebra crossing. The thought fills me with dread and makes me feel physically sick and panicky.


Scene - the crossing where the incident took place

“I now have a genuine fear of motorcyclists. When I see one my heart races a little faster and I have to remind myself that I am safe and that it is unlikely to happen to me a second time.”

Jack also stated he experienced a number of reoccurring dreams involving a bright light coming at him at speed.

Jack added: “I believe the helmet I wore on this particular day saved my life and I am able to acknowledge that the crack caused down the back of my helmet would have been my skull had I not have been wearing it.”