A STENCH overwhelming parts of Southend has been likened to rotting food and human waste.

Investigations are taking place into what the cause of the odour making the lives of families so unpleasant.

Councillor Daniel Cowan, Labour representative for St Laurence Ward, told the Echo he has been receiving daily complaints for months which range from references to “faecal matter” to “decomposing rubbish and food”.

He said: “It’s been lingering for the last year.

“This summer has been particularly bad.

“The odour is very strong. I’ve smelt it myself.

“It can be weather dependent and on the direction of the wind but residents are telling me about it every day.

“There’s three industrial sites that it could be coming from. One on Eastern Avenue and two on Stock Road.

“Trucks are coming into them from further afield.”

Mr Cowan claimed Southend Council is working to solve the issue.

He added: “I’m working with environment officers from the council.

“We need to locate where the smell is coming from and how best to deal with it.”

Several residents reported the smells to the Echo, with Kelly Jarwin, Southend, stating that she first smelt the odour a couple of weeks ago.

She said: “There was definitely sewage smells in Westcliff towards football grounds.

“Myself and some friends smelt this sewage smell a couple of weeks ago near the football grounds and then again last night down Victoria Avenue.”

Southend Council could not provide details on the investigation before the Echo went to press.