ADVERTS placed along the A127 could be removed due to claims they are distracting drivers and are a “safety hazard”.

The future of two large advertising hoardings on the edge of the A127 near the Fortune of War roundabout, in particular, will be debated tonight by Basildon Council’s planning committee.

The advertisements were put up without asking Basildon Council for permission and officers claim the advertisements could be detrimental to driver safety.

It is alleged they are too close to the road, too close to a speed camera and are placed at a busy point in the road where drivers are often changing lanes and the speed limit changes.

The combination, it is claimed, makes for too many distractions and could increase the risk of crashes.

The council report states: “The advertisements are located close to a point at which the speed limit changes from 70 mph to 40 mph just before the apex of the bend of the Fortune of War roundabout.

“They are positioned adjacent a speed camera and where westbound traffic approaches an exit slip road. The advertisements would therefore be at a point where motorists are likely to be making decisions about their choice of lane and accommodating others leaving the road.

“It is a sensitive location for distracting signs to be positioned. Whilst the advertisements would be visible in longer views in both directions along the A127, their isolated nature has created a particularly commanding feature that draws the eye of passing motorists.

“Their mass and bulk and therefore their undue prominence could also add to the distraction. In view of these factors, the advertisements could adversely affect safety.”

The advertisements were initially installed in February 2017 by Billboard Media, with the advertisements changing every couple of months.

Apart from one advert at the Fortune of War roundabout, the road is free of advertising in the area due to its “fast-flowing” nature.

The report added: “The advertisements and associated hoardings present as an unsightly and overly dominant feature within the street scene, and have an injurious effect upon the visual amenities of the locality and highway safety in respect of the safe operation of motor vehicles. The retention of these signs are therefore unacceptable.”