SIX cases of measles have now been confirmed in Southend as day centres, forced to close, officially reopened.

Fears had emerged that more than 200 people may have been exposed following an outbreak at four learning disability day centres for adults.

The number of cases, which stood at three on Friday, rose to six over the weekend.

Of the eight initial suspected cases, one has been ruled out, while another is still awaiting test results.

A number of day centres were forced to close after the announcement last Wednesday, with all centres reopening yesterday.

Rebecca Dockett, 35, from Southend, who works with young disabled people said the closures will have affected many.

She said: “I do understand the decision by the council to close these centres, but we must make sure our people living with these difficulties do not miss out too much. I hope this whole situation will be sorted and it is good news that our centres have reopened.

“These services are a lifeline and vital way for people with difficulties to connect with each other and the outside world.

“I agree it is a necessary precaution, but you hope it will not have affected too many.”

Last week, the council confirmed 50 people were given vaccinations, with more vaccinated on Monday – although exact numbers are unclear.

So far, 76 people have called Southend’s public information line – which will be open from 8am to midday tomorrow, before closing as the number of calls has rapidly reduced.

Four centres, Project 49, Salvation Army Hadleigh Training Centre, RE House and Summer Care Day Centre, all closed last week and then reopened yesterday.

Project 49 reopened with a limited programme, and those unable to attend due to the situation are being contacted directly.

A spokesman for Southend Council thanked Southend Clinical Commissioning Group for the support.