“DANGEROUS” signs distracting drivers on the A127 will be removed after councillors unanimously agreed they are a hazard.

The advertising hoardings, on the edge of the A127 near the Fortune of War roundabout, were put up without planning permission and were branded a “safety hazard” by the council.

It was claimed they were too close to the road, too close to a speed camera and are placed at a busy point in the road where drivers are often changing lanes and the speed limit changes.

On Tuesday night, Basildon Council’s planning committee unanimously voted in favour of enforcement action - insisting that the owners, Billboard Media, remove them.

But with the advertisements on Basildon Council land, some councillors questioned why they do not have them removed themselves.

Councillor Carole Morris said: “We are told the land is owned by Basildon Council, so I think it is only right that we query why this is being done by this method, rather than simply taking them down.

“I understand that it could be a case of getting the money back from the people who put them up, but on the other hand going through this process is perhaps just as expensive. It might have been just as easy to take them down in the first place.”

A council officer responded that the council had sought legal advice on the process of removing the signs, but the advice suggested it should go through the committee process and be resolved in this manner.

The council will consider further legal action if the signs are not removed and the enforcement notices are not followed.

The advertisements were initially installed in February 2017, with the advertisements changing every couple of months.

Apart from one advert at the Fortune of War roundabout, the road is free of advertising in the area due to its “fast-flowing” nature.

Billboard Media was contacted for comment but did not respond.

Signs on the sides of roads have to have planning permission and can only only be placed in certain areas and under strict guidelines.