A WOMAN did not pick up a hammer to attack police officers but stood on it and picked it up without thinking, a court heard.

Janine Justin is on trial at Basildon Crown Court and denies possession of an offensive weapon.

During the trial Jamie Sawyer, prosecuting, claimed Justin intended to injure the officers when she brandished the hammer after a youth was chased from Canvey to Ward Close, Laindon by police.

The 47-year-old, of Ward Close, denies this.

Summing up her defence yesterday Judge Samantha Cohen said: “Janine Justine gave evidence, she said it was chaos and mayhem.

“She had been at the home of a family member. She heard the police helicopter and went home.

“She saw a youth driving a moped and he rode past her.

“She saw police were chasing the youth. She said she was nervous and scared as her brother has been seriously injured on a moped.

“She went into the house, put her dog upstairs and came down and stepped on the hammer.

“She says, it was being used for DIY at the home.

“She picked up the hammer, not consciously and went out.

“She said the only time she talked to the police was to ask them not to hurt the youth.

“She said she was not abusive to police.

“She said police went towards the youth with a Taser and then went towards her.

“She said a woman police officer took the hammer and it ended there.

“She said she’s never threatened the police and did not intend to injure anyone.

“The court heard she did not want any violence and that’s why she told the youth to get off the bike.”

The youth had been to a vigil after the tragic death of Denny Richardson, 17, who died on Thursday, May 2 following a collision on Leigh Road which also injured another youth.

The incident with the hammer allegedly took place on May 5.

Mr Sawyer previously claimed Justin went into a home, picked up a hammer and “is seen waving it around”.

He said: “The prosecution say she is gesticulating to the police officers.

“We say she went to get it to inflict injury to the police officers.”

The trial continues.