A LOLLIPOP man was treated to a special 90th birthday celebration at school just hours after saving a pupil.

David Vince, who turned 90 on Tuesday, has been the lollipop man at Whitmore Primary School for 14 years.

The school threw an afternoon tea on Tuesday and David spoke to the children about his time as a lollipop man.

Hours earlier he was able to prevent a girl’s trike from moving into the path of an oncoming car.

Parent Nicky Pree, who has two boys at the school, applauded David. The 45-year-old said: “All the kids got him balloons and a card.

“He’s been there quite a while now.

“Everyone buys him presents at Christmas and Easter.

“Here’s out there during all weathers.

“It’s manic in the mornings and he just carries on. He does a brilliant job.

“He deserves to be recognised.

“Not many 90-year-olds would be doing that.”

Helen Kilner, office manager at the school in Whitmore Way, Basildon, said: “He’s a much-loved lollipop man.

“The children presented him with cards and presents during the assembly.

“The school council also had an afternoon tea with David to celebrate his special day with tea and cake.

“Amazingly, he also saved the life of a little girl that morning by stopping her trike from going into the path of an oncoming car.

“David is always outside the school, rain or shine, wind or snow, and is a genuine legend.”

Allan Davies, councillor for Fryerns ward, echoed their thoughts and thanked David for his hard work. He said: “It’s great, it’s brilliant.

“It’s great that he has stuck with it over the years.

“I applaud him for his hard work and his contribution to the community.

“People like him are really important for our community.

“School’s are not just about teachers.

“People behind the scenes make a huge difference.”

David has no plans to stop providing the vital service.