REPAIRS are being made to a bus station after a packed bus ploughed through the glass front while passengers waited.

The number nine First bus collided with the station but miraculously there were no reports of serious injuries.

A spokesman for First Bus, said: “We have made the area safe and are awaiting a quote from a supplier to fit new glass to the damaged shelter.”

The glass at the front of the station shattered following the crash on Friday.

Eyewitness Holly McIntyre said: “It was horrible to watch, the passengers getting off looked terrified.

“I did feel sorry for the driver though as he looked just as in shock as everyone else.

“There was literally glass everywhere. I don’t know why the bus crashed as the buses come and go from that stop about 20 times-a-day.

“I mean it’s not the best service, it’s rarely on time, but this is pretty bad.

“Apparently it’s happened before though, or so I have been told.

“What’s scary is that I’d got on the number nine earlier that morning. I’m just thankful I wasn’t on it then.”

Sally Nightingale, 44, said: “I was just heading over to the bus stop when it happened. I heard this loud crash and the sound of glass smashing.

“I couldn’t believe it.

“I hope the driver is okay but I wasn’t happy that I had to wait over an hour for another number nine.”

Fortunately most passengers wait for buses inside of a walkway for Westgate Shopping Centre before the buses pull up on the outside.

Other First bus drivers were seen assisting with the clean up which saw hundreds of pieces of glass all over the floor.

It is hoped the repairs will be completed soon.

The site is owned by Basildon Town Centre Management and a spokesman confirmed it is rented out to the bus company.