A WOMAN who grabbed a hammer before approaching police during a row in the street has been convicted of possessing an offensive weapon.

Janine Justin gesticulated at police with the hammer while her son, Justin Jackson, threw petrol in their faces.

Both will be sentenced together next month.

Janine Justin, 47, formerly of Ward Close, Laindon was convicted by a jury at Basildon Crown Court yesterday.

Judge Samantha Cohen said: “I am not able to deal with Janine Justin today for two reasons, firstly because she has good character and I need a pre-sentence report.

“Secondly, she needs to be sentenced at the same time as her son Justin Jackson as Janine Justin’s offence is part of a larger incident.

“Shortly after Janine Justin was arrested her son ran towards police arresting a youth on a stolen moped and threw petrol over them.”

Justin Jackson, 28, has previously admitted eight counts of administering a noxious substance with intent to injure, annoy or aggrieve.

Judge Cohen, speaking to Janine Justin, said: “You will receive bail and the only condition is that you must attend a probation interview, I need to know more about you and your personal circumstances before sentencing you.”

The incident took place on May 5. It started when a motorbike was stolen and taken to a memorial ride from Denny Richardson, 17, who tragically died in a motorbike crash on May 2 on Canvey.

A youth was then chased by police from Canvey to Ward Close, Laindon before officers were attacked by Justin Jackson and Janine Justin picked up a hammer.