A HEROIC man stepped in to stop yobs from threatening to attack a member of the Jewish community.

Kevin Crabb, 46, from Canvey, witnessed the group of four teenagers shout threats at the man, after they had chased him along The Ridings, shouting at him and mocking him for being Jewish.

Knowing he had to do something to help, he approached the group, hoping they would back off and leave.

He explained: “The poor man is one of my wife’s clients – her and her friend clean for him and other members of the Jewish community, and he was literally trying to drop money round to pay them for their work when the group approached him.

“My wife’s friend went out to meet him and pick up the money like usual. Shortly after I received a worrying phone call from her, panicking and telling me to come outside quickly.

“I was shocked to see that a group of four boys, about 15 or 16, were threatening to beat him up and steal his bike.

“They were getting up in his face, shouting at him, but it’s not in his nature to fight back. They had already chased him from the Morrisons local at the bottom of Hilton Road to where we were on The Ridings, mocking him for being Jewish

“He tried to get away by riding off but they followed him here.

“I went over to them and warned them to leave him alone and clear off, so they started to walk up the road.”

Kevin continued: “Anybody would have helped in my situation if they had seen it, it’s disgusting anyone would do such a thing. Nobody deserves to be picked on- no matter what religion they believe in.

“I made sure he was okay after, but he was definitely shaken up. Something needs to be done – these kids are getting away with too much.”

Councillor Peter Greig, who represents the Winter Gardens ward, said: “It is obviously absolutely scandalous that there are people being verbally attacked and threatened in this way.

“I think that there’s a small minority of people on the island that think they can go around threatening and stealing from others – people should be able to go out without being threatened. It’s sad people think they can do that.

“With it getting darker a lot earlier, I advise residents to not go round on their own and to avoid larger groups of kids who may be looking for trouble.”

You can report hate crimes online by visiting the Essex Police website, calling 101 or by visiting a police station.

You can also report them through variety of hate incident reporting centres, such as The Listening Post at Unit 12-13, Laindon Centre, on High Road, Basildon, or at the Castle Point Association of Voluntary Services, The White House, Kiln Road, Benfleet.