A PARKING company has got itself into a fine mess after effectively punishing a woman for being in a wheelchair.

Doting husband Chris Marsh was helping wife Joyce out of their car and into her wheelchair after a knee replacement operation.

This cannot be done in the normal parking spaces as there is not enough room to fit the wheelchair between spaces so he drove closer to the door of their home in Park House, Albany Court, Leigh.

While getting her out the side door before moving his car the couple were fined by parking company CPM.

The couple claimed the parking attendant knew what was happening but registered the fine anyway.

The couple then appealed explaining the situation but this was rejected.

A letter from CPM stated: “The vehicle was not parked within a designated area or parking bay.

“If you are unable to park within a designated area or parking bay, then you should refrain from parking until you can park correctly in accordance with the restrictions.”

Joyce, 64, was dumbfounded.

She said: “I feel as if I am being penalised as I am disabled, it’s disgusting.

“There has got to be some form of give and take, what if an ambulance had come to care for me would they be fined as well.

“I think it is just ridiculous and they shouldn’t be allowed to do this.”

Mr Marsh has decided he will not pay and if it ends up in court he is confident of winning.

He said: “My car was only there for a few minutes and I was getting my wife out of the car - I wasn’t parked there.

“I am not paying the fine and am prepared to go to court over this as I don’t think their case would stand up in court at all.

“There are lots of people who abuse the visitors parking spaces and park where they shouldn’t and they don’t get fined but we have been.

“The spaces are not wide enough to get someone out of a wheelchair.

“I was busy getting my wife out of my car the last think on my mind was where I had left my car for just a few minutes.”

The furious husband has appealed the parking fine but then received a letter stating his appeal had been unsuccessful.

He said it’s harassment of a disabled person and it’s not acceptable.

The Echo contacted CPM for comment but none was received.