A PAEDOPHILE has been permanently removed from an academy trust after he created dozens of images of child abuse.

Daniel Chapman has been fired from his post of principal of Hilltop Infant School in Wickford by the Hearts Academy Trust.

The 31-year-old as admitted 12 counts including making indecent images of children, possessing images of extreme pornography and publishing indecent articles on messenger sites.

None involved any children at the school, and Chapman was suspended in May as soon as the offences came to light.

In a statement, Debbie Rogan, CEO of Hearts Academy Trust that manages Hilltop, said: “Mr Chapman no longer works for our organisation. We continue to work with all our staff, community and other agencies to prioritise the safeguarding of our pupils as we always have.”

Chapman, of Meadgate, Chelmsford, had previously denied nine offences in June this year and was due to stand trial at Chelmsford Crown Court on Monday.

However he changed his plea at court and admitted a dozen offences.

The 12 charges include six for making indecent images of children on August 8 last year and May 20 this year, two of which were category A, the most serious. There were three charges for publishing obscene articles on the messenger apps Kik and WhatsApp, dating between September last year and May this year.

He also admitted one count of possessing an indecent image of two children aged eight and ten-years-old, discovered on May 20 this year.

Residents have praised the quick action by the school and courts.

Jenny Plumb wrote on Facebook: “If he had no record then unfortunately he will have remained under the radar. Thank god he has been caught and will never be allowed near children again.”

Kelly-Ann Jones said: “He’s a marked man now, all within months of him being found out. Hopefully he will be jailed for years.”

Ryan Samson said: “It’s revolting to think he was in such a position of power and doing those things.

“It’s relieving that he will never be near a school again after this.”

Chapman was remanded in custody to be sentenced on November 20 at Chelmsford Crown Court.